Umbra::SceneInfo struct

Scene metadata.

Scene metadata contains a number of measurements that are expressed in scene input units. Input units are the measurement unit of the original input scene that was passed to Umbra. Additionally a conversion factor is present that can be used to scale these values and the scene itself to meters.

Public variables

Float3MinMax bounds
Approximate bounds for scene, in input units.
float voxelSize
Smallest voxel size, in input units. The scene will not have geometric detail smaller than this.
int numLodLevels
Number of LOD levels. Mostly for debugging/visualization.
float unitToMeter
One input unit in meters (such as 0.0254 if the input was inches)
const char* inputHash
Input hash.
Double4_4 ecefToLocal
Transformation from ECEF to local coordinate space.
Double4_4 localToEcef
Transformation from local to ECEF coordinate space.