Umbra Composit SDK Overview


Umbra provides the ability to display large datasets with high performance on modest hardware. High performance is achieved using a cloud optimization step and a runtime component to display the data in real time. The data is optimized using spatial level-of-detail, so during runtime faraway geometry can be replaced with a simpler representation without a loss in quality.


See How It Works for a more detailed explanation.

Getting Started

Request Access

The Umbra SDK is currently only available privately. Request access to download the SDK and receive your cloud token.


These examples show you how to use the Composit runtime.

See the projects in samples/ directory of the SDK for the full sample code.

Importing 3D Models

You can upload 3D models to the Composit platform using the Umbra command line tool. The tool is located in the SDK package in bin/win64/umbra.exe. Please see the command line tool guide for further details.