UmbraObject struct

A renderable object.

Objects consist of a piece of geometry, its material properties, and a transform to scene space.

Derived classes

struct Umbra::Object
A renderable object.

Public variables

UmbraMeshHandle mesh
The mesh.
UmbraMaterial material
The material.
UmbraFloat4_4 transform
A transformation from the mesh's coordinate system to the scene's coordinate system.
UmbraMatrixFormat matrixFormat
transform's format.
UmbraTriangleWinding triangleWinding
The mesh's triangle winding order.
UmbraFloat3MinMax bounds
The object's post-transform axis-aligned bounding box, in the scene's coordinate system.

Variable details

UmbraTriangleWinding UmbraObject::triangleWinding

The mesh's triangle winding order.

Should be flipped if transform contains an odd number of reflections.