UmbraRayQueryResult struct

Ray query result.

Public variables

UmbraFloat3 intersectionPoint
The intersection point in world space.
UmbraFloat2 textureCoordinate
The texture coordinate at the intersection point.
UmbraUserPointer material
The intersected triangle's material.
UmbraUserPointer mesh
The mesh containing the intersected triangle.
UmbraScene* scene
The scene containing the intersected triangle.
int lodLevel
The intersected mesh's LOD level.
UmbraFloat3 barycentricCoordinate
The barycentric coordinates at the intersection point.
float distanceFromOrigin
The distance from the world space ray origin to the intersection point.
UmbraBool backface
true if the ray hit the triangle from behind.
UmbraFloat3 geometricNormal
The geometric normal vector at the intersection point.
int triangleIndex
The intersected triangle's index.

Variable details

UmbraBool UmbraRayQueryResult::backface

true if the ray hit the triangle from behind.