Exporting content using the command line tool

Umbrafied content can be exported using the CLI-tool. For this you need your api-key, and the locator of the content you wish to export.

The command line parameters can be accessed with the command: .\umbra.exe help export.

Scene export parameterTypeDescription
--export-targetStringTarget directory/file to export a scene to. Default is "umbra_export"
--export-umbraBoolExport in Umbra format
--export-umbra-fileBoolExport in Umbra format in a single file
--export-objBoolExport in .obj format
--source-dirStringDirectory for a local source file
Cloud computation parameterTypeDescription
--api-keyStringYour Umbra API-key. Find it at https://umbra.io
--locatorStringScene locator link. Enclose in "quotes".

The locators for your umbrafied scenes can be viewed with the command:

.\umbra.exe list-scenes --api-key xxx

An example of an export command to .obj:

.\umbra.exe export --api-key xxx --locator "yyy" --export-obj true --export-target "x:\Umbra Export\Example export directory"

The directory will be created upon export.

When exporting to .obj format, the exporting creates single tiles, and complete level-of-detail sets of the geometry.