Point clouds (XYZ)

The Umbra command line tool that is included in the SDK package is designed for importing and umbrafying 3D content.

This guide is tailored specifically for scanned 3D data originating from laser scans or photogrammetry and imported as raw point clouds, especially in XYZ-file format into Umbra.

How to Umbrafy XYZ-input:

  1. Download the Umbra SDK package from our Downloads section.
  2. Navigate to ..\UmbraCompositSDK-<version>\bin<yourplatform>\
  3. Run umbra.exe. You can run umbra.exe help umbrafy for further help.

For choosing the right feature-size parameter for your 3D data, check this support article: Feature-size Parameter

Example usage:

umbra umbrafy --input-xyz “C:/my_massive_XYZ/” --content-profile scanned --feature-size 0.25 --api-key <your_api-key here> --scene-name “My Massive XYZ” --xyz-field-string “x y z red green blue” --backface-removal false