Links, sometimes referred to as Public Links are intended to make the deployment and sharing of your 3D content as easy as possible. Creating a Link essentially gives you a direct, publicly accessible URL which enables you to embed the Output onto a website, deploy it into an application or share through the browser without requiring authentification separately from the end-users.


  • Link name: Name of the Link. Clicking on the name takes you the Link-page where you can:
    • Change the name of the Link
    • Control whether the Link is active or not
    • Copy the sharing URL
    • Copy the Embed Code
    • Change the Output to which the Link is connected to
      • Use the Dropdown-menu to choose the output
      • Copy the Output ID to which you want the Link connect to
  • Linked Output Name: The Output that the Link is connected to
  • Created: When the Link was created (timestamp in UTC)
  • Delete: Remove the Link (also disables the sharing)

Additional remarks

  • You can also create multiple Links for any Output which you can then share as, embed to a website or deploy in an app and so forth
  • Using the same –scene-name will change the Linked Output to point to the latest scene computed with that particular scene name. You can change the Linked Output back manually or use unique scene names if you want to ensure deployed content remains unchanged. We are monitoring how this works for our customers so stay tuned.
  • Links can be freely enabled/disabled at any time. There might be a slight delay before the cache gets invalidated from our CDN.

All right, that pretty much sums up the concepts introduced for our redesigned customer portal. As we're still in beta, there are some missing and deprecated features but other than that, there's nothing more to see here. So go on, fire up some Umbrafications and enjoy the portal while you're at it!