Missing & Deprecated Features

As we've decided to launch before reaching full feature parity with the current customer portal, there are still some features we are working on to port over, redesign or completely omit. That being said, the curren portal will co-exist with the redesigned one for the time being. We will inform your once we have a date for sunsetting it.

Missing features

  • Dashboard: The landing page of the customer portal. While it sounds like a #1 priority, we actually wanted to first get feedback on the new concepts (Inputs, Outputs, Computations and Links) before designing a dashboard around them. We do have one for our admin portal but as that's intended only for internal use and system-wide monitoring, we can't really give everyone access to those goodies! :-)
  • Downloads: Still in the design-phase so all downloads are still through the current customer portal.
  • User Management: Still being redesigned. All user management through the current customer portal. You can still see basic info, such as your API-key and your organization's admin on the Account Info-page.
  • Ability to delete inputs/outputs: These are being worked on. You can still remove outputs in the old portal by simply deleting a View.
  • Ability to restart/cancel computations: We are currently working on a new backend infrastructure that will enable these. In short, restarting and/or aborting potentially tens of millions of tasks at any given moment causes all kinds of interesting things in cloud services!
  • Documentation: Direct links to all relevant documentation. Will be available at a later date... but if you made it to this page or our developer-documentation, then congratulations!

Deprecated features

  • Unity web player: While we are working on enabling WebGL-deployments in Unity with our plugin, this player has simply reached the end of its life. Web deployments can also be handled with umbrajs or our threejs-integration.
  • Projects and Views: These were the main way to organize data in the portal. These are being redesigned and, if deemed necessary, brought back at a later date. Right now, all data is listed in a single view and all pieces of data have unique IDs with which they can be found/referred to.
  • Creator & Viewer-licenses: All users have equal rights to process/view/edit/delete content.

If you find we've missed something important above or you have any other feedback/questions regarding the customer portal, do not hesitate to contact us at support@umbra3d.com