Outputs are the results of individual Computations. They are your Input optimized into Umbra's hierarchical level of detail representation that enables the system to stream the 3D data for real-time rendering into your application on any platform.

This page is also the first one to mention Links that enables the deployment and sharing of your 3D content. More on that in the next section - Links

The Outputs-page


This page lists the Outputs you have generated by initiating Computations using your Inputs.

  • Output: Name of your Output. Clicking on the name takes you to the Output's information page from where you can:
    • Change the name of the Output
    • See the related Computation Information
    • See the Computation Parameters and Computation Version used
    • Create a new Link
    • See the Links to which the Output is connected to
  • Input: The Input from which the Output was generated from
  • User: The User who initiated the Computation that generated the Output
  • Link Count: The number of Links the Output is connected to (expand by clicking on the arrow if more than 1 Link exists)
  • Link: By default, if a Link has been created, shows the most recent one. "None" is displayed in case no Links have been created
  • Started: When was the Computation initiated (timestamp in UTC)
  • Output Size: How much data the Output aggregates to. This includes all the permutations of the data, such as the versions generated to support the native texture formats of multiple platforms. As we intend to move towards a usage-billing model sometime in the future, this data point will be one of the key pieces of data. For now, it's visible only for informational purposes
  • Progress: How much of an Input's Computation progress is done. 100% means the Output has been successfully produced
  • New Link: Create a new Link that enables you to deploy and share your 3D content

All righty, we're almost done here. Move on to Links or take a detour through the Basics.